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Police logs: July 29, 2021

Red Bluff Daily News 29 Jul 2021
Animals. Hoag Road near Hall Road. A white and brown horse was in the roadway around 12.50 a.m. Tuesday. Monroe Street ... Tuesday. Chestnut Avenue ... Tuesday ... Tuesday ... Disturbances ... A man going by the name of Bobby, who is banned from Raley’s, entered the store and stayed in the restroom for around 10 minutes, creating a disturbance around 6.30 p.m ... Thefts.

JPs debate short-term rental registry

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 29 Jul 2021
"Creating a registration process or a licensing process is going to open the door for the county or state to ... The county said about 2,000 people were on the property, creating crowd and traffic problems for public safety personnel and loud disturbances for nearby property owners.

US to study internet access for Cubans; more sanctions

The Independent 29 Jul 2021
U.S ... They were the first such protests since the 1990s ... Also present will be L ... Some U.S ... International organizations have harshly criticized the Cuban government, which has said that while people affected by the country's crisis participated in the protests there were also “criminals” who took advantage of the situation to create disturbances ... .

Prepare Now: Global Supply Chains at Risk. Covid Crisis’ Engineered Economic Destruction

GlobalResearch 29 Jul 2021
The power grid failure in Texas this past February created shortages of water, food, and heat for short periods, but caused much devastation and even death ... World Economic Forum frontman and globalist stooge Klaus Schwab has warned of an event to come that could make the coronavirus “pandemic” seem like a small disturbance.

Opinion | The Biden Era Has Surprisingly Little of Joe Biden in It

Politico 29 Jul 2021
Magazine. Politics Opinion . The Biden Era Has Surprisingly Little of Joe Biden in It ... But that might not last ... (Patrick Semansky/AP Photo). Opinion by RICH LOWRY ... His low-intensity presidency may, as his advisers hope, help create a sense of a return to normality in Washington, but it easily could be consistent with a disturbing sense of drift ... .

Chord Clinic: Learn to play 10 interesting G major chord variations 29 Jul 2021
This means all the essential chords in the key of G are easy to play without using a barre ... This makes Gadd9, which is useful if you are playing a G chord and want to add interest without disturbing the essential harmony. You can add and release the A note to create movement, and try letting the top string ring open to alternate between G6 and G6/9 ... .

What Is Solar Sailing, and How Does It Impact the Environment?

Treehugger 29 Jul 2021
Solar sailing is done in space, not at sea. It involves using solar radiation rather than rocket fuel or nuclear energy to propel spacecraft ... How Solar Sailing Works ... When that energy hits a solar PV cell, the photons disturb the cell's electrons, creating a current, measured in volts (thus the term photovoltaic) ... ... Key Takeaway ... View Article Sources ... ... .

The Legend of Zelda: How Zelda Differs From Hylia Explained

Game Rant 29 Jul 2021
Zelda has had a broad range of relationships with Link ... RELATED. If Demise Returns in Zelda ... Skyward Sword's prologue explains that Hylia was left in charge of the mortal world and the Triforce after Farore, Din, and Nayru created it. The peace was disturbed when the demon king Demise and his fiendish army emerged, forcing Hylia to wage war with them.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-3: Joe Vs The MAGA Volcano Edition

Democratic Underground 29 Jul 2021
Critical race theory and other closely related ideologies hold that the United States is inherently racist and that skin color is used to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between white and nonwhite people ... It’s the sad and disturbing times that we live in created by social media, unfortunately.

Mad God Trailer Reveals Phil Tippett Stop Motion Film

Collider 28 Jul 2021
Tippett left the project unfinished when he was offered to create the dinosaur effects for Jurassic Park. He returned to the project in 2010 after creating a Kickstarter, before finishing the feature-length version of Mad God in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic ... has created.

Cops at the schoolyard gate

Vox 28 Jul 2021
State lawmakers have even passed laws making it a crime to disturb or disrupt the school ... The Maryland state legislature adopted its “disturbing schools” law back in 1967, shortly after the Baltimore City School District created its school security division ... Policing in schools creates a vicious vortex.

Letter: Properly compensate actors for their hard-earned wages

The Buffalo News 28 Jul 2021
I’m writing with regards to the Shakespeare in Delaware Park production which I‘ve supported until recently ... It’s disturbing that they call on their patrons to support Shakespeare while exploiting the artistic labor of those who create the actual show ... Trevor Copp. Hamilton, Ont. Former teacher. Niagara University. Theatre program ....

Investigation To Resume Into Kyrgyz Rights Defender's Death In Custody

Radio Free Europe 28 Jul 2021
Kyrgyz officials later said that the death was caused by COVID-19 ... Askarov, who was an ethnic Uzbek, was convicted of creating a mass disturbance and being involved in the murder of a police officer during deadly ethnic clashes between local Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan's southern cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad in 2010 ... ....

Politics heats up in Chhattisgarh Cong as Singh Deo to boycott House

Suryaa 27 Jul 2021
Singh Deo on Tuesday walked out of the Assembly after the opposition created an uproar demanding a House panel probe into a Congress MLA's charge that the Minister was behind an attack on him ... Amid the chaos, Singh Deo stood up and declared ... With the opposition still creating noisy disturbances, the House was adjourned for 10 minutes ... ....

I Miss Among Us’s Horrifying Glitches

The Escapist 27 Jul 2021
I’ll never forget the first time Among Us glitched out on me ... Source ... The more I played Among Us, the more it became apparent that the glitch I’d encountered, though hugely disturbing, was just the tip of the iceberg. There were glitches that would leave players standing on a spaceship’s wing, others that would create motionless, duplicate players.